Somsar Sri Ramakrishna Seva Mandir

Future Projects - school & students' home

"Main motto of Somsar Sri Ramakrishna Seva Mandir is comprehensive development of villages pursuing ideology of Sri Ramakrishna - Swami Vivekananda"

Probable site for school in the AshramaSri Ramakrishna Seva Mandir tries imparting values which are so important nowadays. It is a constant lookout that children here are exposed to value education from a tender age and this makes the two schools stand apart from any other school in the area. The children after reaching 6 years of age move to other primary schools. Unfortunately, thereafter the same stress isn't laid on value education any more. Whatever they had retained is gradually eroded away in most of the cases. It is rather interesting that parents feel the need of imbibing moral values in their children and are appealing if a primary school can be started by Seva Mandir. The Seva Mandir too feels if the village children can be looked after upto a stage where they can be given a good basic education as well as they are able to retain the Proposed plan of the school values taught even after they pass out, it shall be a service to the village unparallel. For this a Primary School upto class 4 has been planned to be constructed on the space at the southern side of the Ashrama campus. The planned institution shall be a one-storeyed one initially with a L shaped building. It shall consist of 4 classrooms and 1 teachers' room.

It is a wish to keep some poor children of the village as residential students, children who have been orphaned or parents of whom find it difficult to make both ends meet and so cannot maintain them at home.